Treatment of male infertility

The solution of this problem depends on disclosing causes of male infertility and physician’s diagnosis. In the case that spermatogenesis failure is diagnosed, treatment of infections of the urogenital organs and correction of endocrine disturbances are recommended to achieve normal fertility.

Moreover, the patients with slow-mobile spermatozoa are recommended to undergo hormonal therapy for stimulation of spermatozoa activity and disease correction, but much rarely as the main approach for male infertility treatment.

In the cases that infertility is caused by varicocele, the patients can be treated surgically. A small operation improves venous blood outflow from the testicles. Such treatment results in the removal of the congestion, recovery of the spermatogenesis and normalization of the metabolism.

Male infertility therapy implies the intake of appropriate drugs prescribed by the doctor who has conducted full health examination of the patient and received his laboratory test analyses.

At all stages of male infertility treatment the patient is prescribed the drugs promoting spermatogenesis. A specially selected complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids not only increases his chances to father a child but also improves his health. Treatment of this problem directly depends of the causes of male infertility and specialist’s diagnosis. In the case that patient shows spermatogenesis disturbances, the doctor prescribes treatment of infections in the urogenital organs and correction of endocrine disorders.

In addition, the patients with low mobile spermatozoa are recommended hormonal therapy. It is prescribed for treatment of male infertility for stimulating activity and disease correction. In the rare cases such therapy is prescribed as the main kind of treatment.