What is Novofertil

Novofertil® – functional food product which contains some medications as components.

Novofertil® formula was developed in EU basing on the latest scientific research in andrology and sexual pathology.
Production started the same year in Italy at the most advanced manufacturing site Salix.

Novofertil® formula includes a unique complex of bioactive substances, vitamins, micronutrients and amino acids essential for male to have a good spermatogenesis process.

Thanks to its unique composition, Novofertil improves sperm count, ejaculate volume, total motile sperm count, and normal shaped sperm count (morphology). Spermatogenesis is a complex and multicomponent process lasting more than 2 months is easily affected by negative impact. Lack of amino acids, micronutrients, coenzymes and other important biologically active substances together with oxidative stress leads to the failure of this complex process. The combination of 13 active ingredients which are commonly known to improve sperm quality gives a synergistic effect and is more effective than to use these components separately. These are key reasons to take Novofertil and to keep healthy men reproductive and sexual function.