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Causes of Infertility 

Male infertility Diagnosis 

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      What is infertility?

Both male and female worldwide suffer from infertility.

Infertility is defined as not having become pregnant during child-bearing period after 1 year of having regular sexual intercourse without use of birth control.

According to other definitions, infertile marriage is defined within 2 years. If a woman is under 20 years, the two-year infertility term is not critical but if she is beyond 30 years the one-year infertility term should be reduced to half a year. Therefore conclusion about marriage infertility should be made individually.

Childlessness negatively influences on the family relationships causing depression and stress that even more aggravate the problem and disturb organism’s reproductive function. It is a vicious circle. As a result, thousands of marriages are broken and millions of people suffer.

According to world statistics, among all cases of infertility in developed countries about 30 percent can be traced to male factors, 33 percent can be traced to factors in both the male and female partners, and 10 percent cannot be traced to obvious factors in either partner.